The Nobles

Strange Beings by jesseknowles

I have written this.

It references an Osamu Tezuka story of the same name.

In other news, um…school started again.

Elliott Smith > Conor Oberst. Sorry.



“May I Sing With You?” and other updates by tehkyle

Dear Blog.


Today I talked to a bunch of people about places to play in Seattle this summer. I think I got some promising leads. My friends Luke and Katrina had lots of good information.

These past few weeks I’ve seen a couple groups perform on campus. The Blow I already liked and was really excited to see. The Next Door Neighbors I heard won 2nd place in the Sound Off! battle of the bands thing EMP|SFM puts on so I went to see them at the Underground Coffeehouse. I ended up really enjoying them! Jessie, their lead singer, sounded a lot like Regina Spektor which was cool, and they had a really uncommon electronic vibe.

There were some other bands I saw at the Coffeehouse, but their names elludes me at the moment. All in all I think I’ll be spending more Wednesday and Friday evenings down there. Who knows, maybe I’ll find someone to play shows with over the summer!

I’ve been working on a couple new songs lately, but only finished one. It’s about exactly what it says it’s about. Here’s a little rough recording I just did.

“May I Sing With You?” by Kyle Levien

I’m not entirely sure I like the bridge melody or what that should be. Oh well.